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About us

Drivhuset helps new entrepreneurs to start and manage businesses or in other ways make their ideas come to life By offering guidance, education and a creative environment we create the companies of the future and more entrepreneurial individuals. Our vision is that ”Entrepreneurship is everybodys business”.

We offer practise, guidance and support to driven and creative people. We do this with a reality-based process that gives you the chance to test your idea with your target group. With the help of conrete tools and our research-based method LOOPA, you get the oportunity to develop, test and implement ideas that makes a difference. All our services are completely free and we never asses ideas, our focus is on you and your entrepreneurship.

The world is becomming more and more complex, progress is happening at lightning speed and what we know as true today will be something completely different tomorrow. Competence and skills around value-making is highly prioritized so that we can meet big societal challenges and handle the challenges in the business market and in society as a whole. To train peoples abilities in entrepreneurship is what we see as our main task.

Through expert kompetence and practical work Drivhuset achieves concrete results in the shape of viable businesses ready for the future. The result is over 1 000 new businesses in Sweden every year. The time and effort we put into other peoples development, we get back in their engangement, creativity and will to improve. They make a difference for us, for others and for the world. That is what we call a sustainable business model.

Come talk to us and let us be a part of your journey.

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