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You don’t need any prior knowledge or a complete business plan to reach out to us. The only thing that matters is that you are engaged and redy to invest your energy in your idea. If you already have a company that you need help evolving in one way or another, we can help with that as well. Drivhuset helps entrepreneurs, we always start at the stage you are at with your idea and/or business.

We also offer a wide variety of courses you can take if you need to gather knowledge and meet other people in the same situation as yourself. Click your way to our education-page to find all of our courses and educational events.

At Drivhuset Karlstad you get the oportunity to meet other people in the same situation as yourself and you will get a close connection to our staff. When you drive your idea with us att Drivhuset you get access to an inspiring office environment. You can quickly build a large network that contains both entrepreneurs and other actors with connections in the business. Contact us to find out what else we can offer by e-mailing us at:

Our services

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